Precious Stones

Precious Stones

Our planet Earth is full of many wonders, and among them : precious stones. There are 4 of them.

Today, we will present the 4 : diamond (obviously the best known), emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

Diamond : Diamond is, as you surely know, the precious stone par excellence, the noblest, the most beautiful and the rarest of gems. Its etymology comes from the Latin diamas, derived from the Greek adamas, which means indomitable in reference to the hardness of this gem. It is indeed one of the hardest natural materials. This is why diamond is a stone that remains unstophable in time : there are no defects in it. This stone is therefore particularly appreciated for engagement rings or weddings thanks to its longevity.

Emerald : Emerald is a stone of a beautiful green, deep and pure. Its name comes from the ancient Greek "smaragdus" meaning "heart of stone". This gem belongs to the beryl family. Its special color is due to the presence of chromium, vanadium and iron breeds. Emerald is a symbol of renewal, and of hope. It can therefore protect marriage, or confer fertility. 4 criteria are important in the choice of an emerald : the purity of the color, transparency, clarity and brilliance. If they are all at the rendezvous, then the emerald is perfect !

Ruby : This beautiful red stone takes its name from the Latin "ruber", meaning "red". It owes its beautiful color to the presence of chromium and iron in its composition. Ruby is the symbol of charity, divine love, loyalty and it is the popular emblem of happiness. It is also associated with courage, with its color evoking fire and blood. This gem is named Ratna Raj in India, or "the queen of precious stones". Indeed, in India this stone has a very high prestige since it is considered the most precious of the stones.

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Sapphire : Sapphire, which is known in particular by its pretty blue color, can nevertheless be many other colors, such as green, pink or purple. Its name comes from the ancient Greek "sappheiros", meaning blue stone. The virtues of sapphire would be to be able to cure the ailments of the eyes, protect the traveler from the plague of wounds or even provide peace and prudence to its owner.


Here's hoping you now know a little more about these beautiful gemstones!


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