How are our jewelry made ?

How are our jewelry made ?

It is true that the process of creating a jewel is always quite mysterious... but today we are going to tell you a little more.

First, let's focus on the origin of our jewelry. These come to us from several suppliers, very picky and careful in their know-how in terms of jewelry creation. We choose suppliers who follow the trends so that we can always offer you fashionable jewelry.


A jewel, during its manufacture, will follow many steps, all equally important as the others. 


Modeling : this is the crucial step before the material creation of the jewel. During this first stage, the craftsman draws, imagines, the jewel, its shapes, and its colors in order to have a clear and precise idea about the identity of the jewel.


The wax model : after being sure of the design of the jewel, it will be printed in 3D with wax, in order to serve as a model. Once this model is obtained we analyze the jewel in 3D, we look for possible defects, then we validate (or not) the creation.


Cast : after the validation of the model of the jewel, the body of the jewel is cast with the chosen precious metal (gold, rose gold, or silver). The cast takes place in a mold obtained thanks to the model of the jewel.


The preparation : this step is essentially constituted by the image of the body of the jewel, often rough at the exit of the cast, with some imperfections to correct. For the limage, we start with coarse-grained files, before ending with a very fine grain. It is also during this step that the welding can take place, if the jewel is composed of different parts, needing to be welded. 


Crimping : we call "crimping" the step of fixing the precious stone on the jewel. It was therefore at this time that the craftsman set the precious stone, carefully chosen beforehand. Different types of crimp can be used: grain set, claw set, rail set, enclosed set, castle set or barrettes set. 

Polishing : this is an essential step in the finishing of the jewel. The jewel is fully polished (inside and outside) to leave no visible rough edges. The jewel therefore emerges from this step perfectly smooth, without any more deformities. 


Punching : the last step in the making of the jewel. It is here that the jewel is punched in order to guarantee the purity of the precious metal (gold, silver).

I hope you now know a little more about the art of the know-how of our jewelry !


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