Whether it's to facilitate your online purchases or to provide all the necessary information to your darling before Valentine's Day, knowing your ring size is a prerequisite!

Here is above all our ring sizer :

But if you still can't find your size, here are two simple ways to know it in all circumstances.

Method 1 : With a sheet

1st step : bring a ring at your waist

Step 2 : Wrap a sheet of paper on itself

Step 3 : thread the tube formed with the sheet inside the ring and release the paper so that it unfolds against the walls of the ring

4th step : using a pen, mark the limit of your ring at the edge of your sheet. Unroll the sheet and draw a line to the pen at the trace left before.

All you have to do is measure the distance, it will correspond to your size.

Method 2 : With a wire

Step 1 : wrap a thread around your finger

2nd step : make a mark where the end of the wire touches the rest of the wire, in order to measure the circumference of the finger

3rd step : repeat this process at the level of your phalanx

4th step : then lay your wires flat and measure the length in millimeters, the measurement between the 2 will correspond to your size

That's it, now you have all the cards in hand to know your ring size, and no longer leave any obstacle between you and shopping !

See you soon to discover new trends, and new jewelry !